How to build a perfect micro site

Why make a micro-site?

People often wonder what the point of a mini-site is - why not just have a special page on the main website?

Reasons may differ, but in many cases it makes sense to have a mini-site, and we’re going to tell you why.

What exactly is a micro-site?

Technically, a mini-site is like a normal website, but the name comes from the fact that the content focuses on just one product, service or event offered by the company in question.


By creating a separate website for a specific targeted offer, we can immerse visitors in a specific visual and/or functional universe.

The principle isn’t that far from that of a landing page: in both cases the aim is to engage and convert prospects (purchase, quote request, registration, etc.), via a clear message that doesn’t get lost amidst a larger website.

The other advantage of this type of site is that it can be linked to dedicated web marketing campaigns, which cannot fail to increase their impact.

SEA referencing is used here in preference to natural referencing, or SEO, as such a site's structure and approach do not usually meet SEO requirements.

Which features?

They can be many and varied, depending on the objectives to be achieved and the type of offering (product, service, event, etc.)

  • 3D interactives to present the product
  • Automatic triggering of animations and parallax scrolling to strengthen the immersive effect
  • Online purchasing
  • Virtual tours (for mini-sites in the real estate sector, for example)
  • Email catching system to implement a remarketing strategy with visitors
  • Either the whole site or part of it requiring a user account to access a premium aspect or closed network
  • etc.

Of course the mobile/responsive version of this type of project needs to be handled in a specific way. With many of our projects, the share of mobile visitors now exceeds that of other devices, so it is very important to offer a suitably user-friendly, efficient user path.


With the right subject matter, an events-led mini-site is a very effective means of engaging prospects and generating leads. Combined with a carefully targeted web marketing campaign, this is a great way for you to achieve your objectives.