Leads generation

How can your website help you to generate more leads?

This is Agence TUESDAY’s very favourite topic, and we’ve spent many years working on different mechanisms for generating demand for our clients.

With the help of our partner SEO, web marketing and social media agencies, we test, optimise and enrich websites in order to convert more and more visitors into qualified leads.

Responsive and professional, the TUESDAY agency has always responded to our requests with great efficiency!
It is a real pleasure to work under these conditions and to move quickly on our subjects of Digital Marketing.

Responsable marketing

A real responsiveness and understanding of our needs, Tuesday is always available to support us and give us advice on the evolutions of our website. The result lives up to our expectations. I highly recommend !

Marie-Neige Cuesta
Acquisition Marketing & Digital Factory Manager
CBRE France

1- Increasing the number of visitors


Obviously, before you can convert visitors into qualified contacts, you first have to get them to come and visit your site. 
To achieve this, our partners conduct peripheral activities such as: 

  • Adwords campaigns
  • Social media campaigns
  • Email campaigns
  • Advertising in the press and on TV
  • ...

As far as websites are concerned, the SEO work (natural referencing) starts before the website design process has even begun, by creating the best possible tree structure.


During the remainder of the creation process, SEO plays a key role:


  • Internal meshing
  • Construction of theme-based silos (grouping content by theme)
  • HTML mark-up
  • Microformat integration
  • Performance optimisation

2- Converting traffic into leads


Once the levers described in point 1 have driven traffic to your site, the aim is to get visitors to do something that will turn them into prospects to be followed up by your sales teams. At this point, the site's design and user-friendliness play a leading role, guiding visitors as they go and offering them different tools as they make their way along the user path.  


We employ various procedures to achieve this goal.


Before setting up the site or app:

  • Study of success stories and good practice benchmarking
  • Establishment of a UX design approach
  • UI creation and testing

During the project:

  • Statistics and behaviours analysis
  • A/B testing
  • Continued integration of optimisations and new functionalities in order to enrich the user experience

3- Managing leads


It's all very well bringing our clients’ sales teams a stream of qualified requests, but there has to be a way of ensuring they are dealt with.

Depending on our clients’ internal organisation, we have two main ways of addressing this issue:

  • By setting up an email alert system and integrating a dedicated area for treating requests directly into their backoffice
  • By connecting the site to CRM software such as Salesforce
Eqiom Granulats

By addressing these three important points: 


  • identifying the client's audience and getting them to visit the website/app
  • providing help and guidance by suggesting suitable, appropriate tools
  • setting up a system for handling enquiries


We guide and support clients who want to make a digital presence the heart of their marketing strategy.