Content production and ad formats

Emailing, display, videos, a very specific organization

Here at Tuesday, producing websites and apps is what we do. It necessarily follows that we also produce content for them and promote them.

We therefore offer our clients the following range of services:

  • video content production (films or motion design)
  • photo shoot organisation
  • content writing
  • illustration
  • Not forgetting ad format production.


algeco mag

2 different approaches:

Design / drafting

  • This is key to presenting a company's offering and positioning correctly
  • A key factor in terms of visitor conversion
  • ...

Content intended to generate traffic

  • Interesting, unusual, expert knowledge of the topic
  • Includes important key words in order to establish semantic cocoons and good SEO positioning


We can make different types of video:

  • motion design (animation created using source images, videos and original creations)
  • films (including shooting and editing)

We can also conduct photo shoots, particularly in relation to real estate.

We also create Google virtual tours that can be integrated directly into search results

Ad formats


We handle large volumes for some of our clients (around 150 emails and several hundred banners per year).

This requires setting up a specific mechanism involving an exchange platform to centralise conversations and sources, from acceptance of the brief to product delivery.

Quality control processes and tools to ensure the compatibility and deliverability of our creations.


We make websites, and we do it well - but we also have so much more to offer!